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▢ The TDM just got posted!

▢ Thanks for pointing out the typo on the AC page -- it has been fixed, though nothing of real importance was missing so there's nothing to really update!

▢ The AC spreadsheet is here, so you can continue to post both regular AC and Bonus AC at any time.

▢ If you're still affected my any natural disasters or tragedies, such as being located in Puerto Rico, you're always feel free to communicate this issue and your AC will be waived. And again, condolences and well wishes to anyone out there affected by any recent weather disasters!


▢ The bulk of this week's prompts will be found on the TDM, which can be found here. The spirits will last throughout the next week, as well as the zombie boars, though their frequency WILL die down as the moon begins to travel further and further from the hub island again. By next Saturday, all of the undead will be dead again.

▢ Characters who have anything to do with spirits or have powers that may affect the spirits or boars are welcome to ask how they can interact with these prompts here. This IS a low frequency island, though, so do keep that in mind. If your characters spiritual powers tie into their taken magic, they can't be used, though any knowledge they have of spirits can be used as they see fit.

▢ The prompt related to in-game characters becoming spirits themselves is definitely something you can use in game canon! This affect will last for the week (as a prompt) and 24 hours (as a status affect). So characters can be spirit-ified throughout the week, but their journey as a spirit will only last for 24 hours at a time.


▢ The building project has been put on hold and those who are adept at calming or communicating with spirits will be tasked with trying to keep them at bay and as non-violent as possible. Others who can use their magic to help kill undead boars, which can be done, will be asked to help patrol and kill boars that stray too close to the camp. Undead boars aren't as easily swayed by magic barriers.

▢ Players have their own things going on, like the food co-op and potential Halloween party plans. Keep an eye out on the OOC comm for things to do!


▢ Apps open on the 1st, but not before reserves open on the 25th!

▢ Keep track of the calendar here!

( TDM | #5 )

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Welcome to Spellbind! This is a post for ALL players to introduce others to their characters, as well as themselves. Unlike the OOC meet and greet, this isn't exclusive to new players, so all players can gain CR with each other.


NAME: Your name.
CONTACT: Plurk, Discord, Email, Carrd, etc.
ABOUT: Tell us about yourself! As much or as little as you want.


NAME: Your character's name.
CANON: Your character's canon.
INFO: Explain your character in a few sentences and/or list their base traits.
MAGIC: Their Spellbind magic.
CR REQUESTS: What you're looking for in CR.

OTHER: Obligatory .GIF or something here.

food co-op stuff, cont.

Oct. 18th, 2017 09:02 pm
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Remember this? We've gone ahead and sorted people into four groups based on their signups: hunting, fishing, gathering, and farming. You can check the assignments out right over here! Everyone who signed up should be placed into two groups, with a role (teacher, regular member, learner) commensurate with their level of experience! Let us know if this isn't the case.

You can find information about what each group is doing, and their duties, at the above link. Each group also has an IC leader--further questions can be directed to them, since they're the ones deciding what goes on in the group day-to-day! The leaders may have further plans for logs, etc. based on these groups' activities, but if they don't (check first!) non-leader members of a group should also feel free to plan posts of that nature. And of course, smaller team-ups among the group / one-on-one lessons / day-to-day interactions between members and the like can be decided between the people in question.

This post is for plotting related to the co-op! Want to thread out a smaller hunting or fishing excursion with a couple people? Are you looking for students for your character to teach, or for your character to learn from someone? Or do you just want to float the idea of a post for a group excursion? Comment to this post with your characters in the co-op, their role (learner, member, teacher), and tell us how they're doing with their new responsibilities. Then feel free to tag around and plot ideas for how characters could or would interact with one another in this context!

Lastly, in the IC announcement post for the co-op, the idea of starting additional sewing and cooking (especially cooking-by-fire) groups also came up. I'll also be doing a potential interest check for those groups in the comments--be sure to specify whether your character would be teaching or learning!

+1 spirit

Oct. 18th, 2017 01:40 pm
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Hey gang! Kates here, bringing character #2 (I know, right?) Cole from the Dragon Age franchise. He's a spirit of compassion who's main schtick is trying to help people while also explaining his actions in an annoyingly convoluted fashion. He also might not know how to use chairs.

Cole will be coming in at the tail end of the event with all the other fourth wallers and will most likely not mind the whole 'you're stuck in the carnival for a year' bit because holy shit does everybody here have hurts they need to work through. He'll be working as a game operator (sorry Psi...) but also pull double duty as a thief (sorry Childermass...)

Also! Cole has mental powers that involve mind reading and emotions reading, so PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AND FILL OUT HIS PERMISSIONS POST right over here so I don't step on any toes with regards to Cole just bluntly calling out your character's emotional state.


Oct. 18th, 2017 01:49 pm
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Sans account is back with a hot new opinion poll for the beginning of Lost Carnival: Season Two, because the mod account isn't paid. Below are a series of questions for all LC members, which are mostly for the purpose of giving me a general idea of what the climate in game is for these sort of situations. They are no specific indication of whether or not something is going to definitely going to happen - they are just there so I can know what I'm working with when laying out future plots and world visits.

If you have more than one character you can vote for each of them separately on each account since they may have different opinions. Any other general feedback you'd like to give can go below. I'm not sure what it'd be about, but I'm down for whatever. Brand new players are welcome to vote!

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 39

What level of crisis would be required for your character to go significantly out of their way for an altruistic effort?

A few innocent lives are at risk.
18 (46.2%)

A large city or small civilization is at risk.
7 (17.9%)

An entire planet or species is at risk.
0 (0.0%)

The multiverse itself is at risk.
1 (2.6%)

Their home or loved ones, specifically, are at direct and tangible risk.
9 (23.1%)

My character will literally never go out of their way for anyone.
0 (0.0%)

Anything, as long as someone tells them to do it.
4 (10.3%)

How does your character feel about the idea that fae all over the multiverse potentially hold mortal prisoners like the Prince does with his servants?

It disturbs them, and they would take the opportunity to free as many as they can.
18 (46.2%)

It disturbs them, but not enough to risk getting involved with more fae.
12 (30.8%)

They are fairly ambivalent about it as long as those captives aren’t friends or teammates.
8 (20.5%)

They think that’s awesome.
1 (2.6%)

How loyal is your character to the Ringmaster?

Not at all. (Actively opposed, resentful of, would betray, etc.)
1 (2.6%)

Somewhat. (Flawed but okay, it’s complicated, conditional loyalty, etc.)
25 (64.1%)

Very. (Genuinely like and supports, believes in, trusts, etc.)
13 (33.3%)

How loyal is your character to the workers of the carnival?

Not at all. (Everyone here is disposable.)
3 (7.7%)

Somewhat. (Most of these are good people and they support them.)
26 (66.7%)

Very. (This is my family.)
10 (25.6%)

How interested are you in having this character be enchanted/brainwashed into being a temporary villain at some point? (Let’s be real, it’s a huge fae schtick.)

I’m very into that.
26 (66.7%)

I could take it or leave it.
8 (20.5%)

I’d rather not.
5 (12.8%)

What does your character want for Christmas? (Ideally general categories like "a weapon", "finery", "magic items", or a specific object from home they don't currently have.)


Oct. 17th, 2017 04:14 pm
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4th Wall characters who submit an app and are accepted will be able to have their character move on from the Grand Ball log fluidly, and will not have to re-enter. Essentially, they will be joining the game as they are at the ball, though their power nerf will lift as the event proceeds. They won’t have any weapons or clothes with them that they didn’t have at the ball, but they can arrange with the Ringmaster to pick necessary items up later if absolutely required.

Essentially, the haze on their minds will lift enough that they will be able to escape with the current player characters. The specifics of the final conflict of this event are still playing out via a series of attempted infiltrations, but wherever it goes, your character is welcome to participate and move along with the plot. There will probably be a couple more twists and turns for those brought in for the ball, given that – at least at the moment – they are still the property of the Prince.

Their method of entering the carnival will be this: in order to protect the 4th Wall characters from the way the Prince has marked their souls during their kidnapping, the Ringmaster will be taking them on board with a contract in order to overwrite the Prince’s ownership of them. There will be no contract rewards for this method, because the reward is getting to not be the Prince’s slave.

Once the carnival has moved on from this event, they will go with them, and will then be assigned their carnival jobs and trailer roommates. You will probably find out this OOC information in advance of when your character does, however. Your “reason for joining” on the app can essentially just be “escaping he Prince.”

If any 4th Wallers intending on applying have questions, you can ask them down below! If you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the 4th Wall Ball plot, make sure your application is in by the end of October 22nd.

A brief, happy delay

Oct. 17th, 2017 09:43 am
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Hey everyone. I know I've already slowed in my tags a bit, but I'll be blacking out the rest of this week when it comes to roleplay because the wedding's in three days. (Hey, at least it's a happy reason, right?)

Thanks in advance for your patience!


Oct. 16th, 2017 09:20 pm
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YoRHa unit 9S here with some updates for you guys.

I've gathered some map data for the western stretch of the island, and I can transmit that to anybody who needs it. There're a few points of interest, like some white strawberries that grow around here, that sort of thing. In addition to that I've parsed my data on traps and fishing if anyone wants that information.

And as a follow-up to my last communication about projects to work on around here:
☑ Compiled data on Old World hydroelectric facilities for Dirk's review.
☑ Prototype rifle for a guy who thinks my goggles are weird. Didn't catch your name. Lalli.
☑ Portable light units for anyone who can use them. You can wear these, so they're hands-free.
☑ Larger light units for housing. I've got some of these set aside for Geir, but there's extra.
☑ Timepiece for Jay.
☑ Prototype holsters for Jake. You'll have to let me know if these fit right.
☒ House repairs ongoing.

Let me know where I can drop this stuff off for you guys. And any supplies around here would be pretty useful for more building, especially since there's nothing much by way of technology around here. The more I've got to work with, the more I should be able to do.

Maintenance is also one of my functions, so if there're repairs to do, let me know.


Oct. 15th, 2017 10:17 pm
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Inspired by our Lovely NPC Soundtrack, it's a Soundtrack meme! Here's the gist:

1) Comment with your Character

2) Comment on others with songs that remind you of those characters, or songs you think would fit. (Or comment on yourself, if you have some for yourself)

3) PROFIT???



Oct. 14th, 2017 06:30 pm
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▢ First up, there's been a slight change to the Bonus AC system -- you can see the change here! There's an explanation of cumulative BAC rewards, as well as a new individual reward system. Your first individual reward will be a custom dagger made by Brie, as well as primary access to a newly discovered resource! What is that resource? You'll find out in November...

▢ The AC spreadsheet is here, and any threads you have for October can be added to the spreadsheet. All the characters are listed as green/pass from now on --
you'll know you've officially passed when white text reads PASS and you only have to worry when it turns red and says FAIL. It's just a headache to have to switch them all back to white all the time!


▢ As mentioned last week, the moon is still effecting those nocturnal deer and other fun stuff: read more about it here!

▢ Characters are doing a lot around this place, from Jay/Nike's food co-op to Percivals orchard cleanup.


▢ The coven is experiencing some over-crowding. With about 50 huts available and 70+ characters, more living arrangements need to be made. They won't be much, but Brie is organizing some characters who would like to help build a set of 10 tiny houses. These small log cabins will be built by 20 characters and will hold 2 people each -- so if you want a more luxurious lodging experience that for sure won't be infested with boar babies or clacking crabs, reply to this thread. The lodgings will also be located to the east of the coven base camp, which will help with the locational over crowding. Your character will be living where they work, so teams will consist of two randomized characters.

▢ For some reason, lasting all day on the 18th, telepathy suddenly goes a little crazy. Qri is absorbing the energy of all those Elto bones, which is briefly surging the network -- though characters don't know that. This can cause some oversharing, accidental network flashes and burning/tingling where your character's signet is. This won't last for more than 24 hours, but it does have the potential to be annoying or awkward.

▢ For those who are more spiritually inclined, something about the island begins to feel more...thick on the 20th. Why? What's the deal? It's hard to say right now -- but there are some quiet spiritual whispers that are winding around the island, and the emotional energy is quite solemn. Let's see where this goes in the coming weeks.


▢ The TDM will be next Saturday, so tell your friends!

▢ Keep track of the calendar here!


Oct. 14th, 2017 02:53 pm
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HI GUYS just wanted to pop in and leave a quick note and goodbye that i'm dropping Souda!!

i'm pretty good at telling when i haven't picked the right character for a game... hopefully i'll be back in the future with someone else but, for now, see you all later, i had fun!!

Day 173, Public Channel, Free Time

Oct. 14th, 2017 09:14 am
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[Way too much shit has been happening lately, from Julien's call on the radio to San's disappearance to the whole uneasy mess that was the Prince's little hunting excursion. What can Joker even do? He's the Stage Manager; this is out of his jurisdiction.]

[According to Lambert and Childermass, however, he can at least do this.]

Hello, folks. This is yer Stage Manager again, with a little reminder. We are guests here. So try ta follow the rules that have been set in place, alright? This includes at dinner, and at curfew.

I know we're all real curious, half of ya probably never even been in a castle before, but it bears repeatin'-

[And he very suddenly drops his warm and thick accent, going for something that almost sounds proper and is, thus, weird as hell coming out of Joker's mouth.]

Don't break the rules or curfew.

[Aaaaaand then it's back again.]

If yer havin' any trouble with anythin' or have questions, I'm available right now. Yer free ta come find me, over in the library. Have a good night, everyone.

[And for the love of god, don't do something stupid. He knows that's a lot to ask for, but please.]


Oct. 13th, 2017 10:27 pm
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Who: New coven members, Brie and assigned teachers (old blood can join too!)
Where: The coven base camp
When: Day 98
Open/Closed: Open to Alllllllllmost everyone, essentially top levels are newbies and teachers, but oldbies can tag around!
OOC: To be clear, top levels should only be new characters accepted in October and those who signed up for teacher slots. Old players ARE ENCOURAGED TO TAG AROUND IF THEY WISH, and of course other new characters can mingle with their newbie brethren. If your character is a teacher please indicate that in your top level to differentiate.

Read more... )


Oct. 13th, 2017 06:00 pm
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Who: Everyone and the 4th Wall Visitors!
When: Day 175
Where: Heartstone Manor
What: THE 4TH WALL BALL BEGINS! This is where unapped visitors can post and roleplay. Please read the rules and setting info below. For more information and visuals refs, read this. Questions can be asked over here.
Warnings: Individually marked! Could be a lot of things.


Heartstone Manor is a giant, spooky castle floating in the middle of a twilight filled void. It is the home of a Wyld Fae calling himself The Prince - and despite his name, he is a bestial creature crammed into a gentleman's clothing, completely obsessed with replicating the ideals of old timey human society, much like the 1800's. The Prince and his many servants all dress in a manner appropriate to to the 1500's - 1800's, and decorum and beauty are held sacred above all else. All the workers of the carnival are currently staying there, in the hope of enabling a successful diplomatic venture between the Ringmaster and the Prince. The Grand Ball is being thrown by the Prince to honour these guests, but his manner of doing this is going to come as a bit of a surprise.

  • Powers are all partially nerfed for 4th Wallers. They can be used in small to moderate ways for the sake of RP and narrative flavour, but 4th Wallers shouldn’t generally be using any powers in a super disruptive manner. No using powers for fighting with NPCs (yet), causing general chaos, or otherwise making your character a burden to the Prince. If they try, they’ll find themselves unable to do so.
  • Your character isn’t sure how they got here but they think they’re okay with it. Your character won’t remember how they were captured by the Prince at the start of the ball. They’re just kind of here and in formal wear, and something tells them it’s probably fine to just enjoy the ball. They are wrong.
  • In-game characters won’t initially remember how they all ended up at the ball either thanks to a temporary amnesia effect, but they will be able to be concerned about the fact that other people (possibly people they know) have shown up, and the fact that those other people are probably the Prince’s captives. Weren’t they doing something else at the castle before this, though? It’s hard to remember. This is all very confusing.
  • 4th Wall character who aren’t apping in were possibly never the real deal in the first place. There are a mixture of genuine captives and spooky replications created with magic – this is to provide some flexibility regarding 4th wall character’s states in game, as well to allow more than one of each character to be played. If there are multiple people playing the same character, then whichever one has an app accepted will have been the real one.
  • No doubles of in game characters. (Taken list here.) No AUs, no CRAUs, and nothing else besides characters that have full source canons or are original characters/fandom OCs with no bearing on the canon plot. If you tag in with a character who breaks these rules we reserve the right to remove them.

  • With incredibly foggy memories of their recent past, your character will find themselves at a grand ballroom dance, filled with a mixture of normal humans and odd looking humanoids that have strange features like wings, horns, tails, fur, and the like. They have vague memories of being dressed for the occasion, but are not sure by who or why. Most disturbingly, they will find that, at first at least, they don’t really care about the details. It seems like a pleasant event, doesn’t it? Why not enjoy it.
  • This effect is definitely some kind of mind control, so you can feel free to have your characters be a bit confused and conflicted about it. Ultimately, they have been charmed to participate in the dance, so they will feel like riding the wave is the best thing to do even if that wouldn’t normally be their cup of tea. If your character has resistances to some forms of mind control, they are still overruled in this circumstance.
  • They may discover people they recognize (castmates) or even duplicates of themselves (somehow?), and these can all be treated as canonly occurring and played out as such. This event is canon for Lost Carnival, so it should be played seriously and respectfully – not that silly shenanigans aren’t also bound to happen.
  • All characters are required to dress in formal attire appropriate to a period area – specifically anywhere from the 1500s to 1800s. The Prince prefers if people are heteronormative in their clothing choices, but if you want you can probably get away with your ladies wearing suits or men wearing dresses as long as they look presentable otherwise.

  • You find yourself at the Grand Ball without really remembering how you got here. The last few days are a foggy blur, and though you can remember some of the important stuff you were dealing with, it will feel less important right at the start. Of course, as the night goes on, memories of how the carnival reached this event will become more and more clear – as well as the inevitable worry and stress that comes with it.
  • For most people, there will have absolutely no memory of anything that happened after the morning of Day 175. Did the boating trip ever happen? Possibly not. Even as the night progresses, they will still have no recollection of how most of Day 175 went, which is probably disturbing. The Mod has contacted those that are exceptions to this privately to tell them what they will remember.
  • The people lost to the Manor’s security earlier in the week will be here too, but not as guests. In fact, all of them will be dressed in the black attire of a Heartstone Manor servant and will seem pretty okay with that fact. There are parts of them that look changed – and their dispositions are definitely one of them. How else could they possibly be working for the Prince now?
  • Updates to the event situation will be posted down in this section below. People can react to these posts as the circumstances change, and may new top levels based on them. It is possible to try to sneak away from the ball, but Manor Security will be trying to hunt you down. There is no mandatory outcome planed to this event, so character decisions can and will have a major effect in where the plot goes from here.

  • MUSIC AND DANCING: There will be music playing the whole night, and most of it is so good you feel practically compelled to dance to it. It's possible to resist, but why would you want to do that, you party pooper?
  • FOOD AND DRINK: There are circle tables set up with fine silverware, and upon sitting down you will soon have a waiter come back to ask for an order. You can request basically any European cusine and it will be made for you. You will also be given drinks, most of which are alcohol, no matter your age. Fae don't care about children.
  • BALCONY STARGAZING: There are balconies that are connected to the ballroom in multiple locations that you can step out onto to get some fresh air. You'll see the courtyard of the Manor down below you, but everything beyond that is black, as if the castle is floating within a twilight void. (Because it is.) One small change is that there are stars out tonight, probably added to the sky for the occasion.
  • ALL NIGHT LONG: The ball will go on far into the early morning. Or, at least, until everyone fucks it up.


Oct. 13th, 2017 12:38 am
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HI this is an ooc note that is pretty much just an extensive apology for how sporadic my tags have been! These past few weeks have been grueling in terms of work and other factors, and it'll be lightening up substantially next week.

This is also to say that if you want to pick anything back up or backtag, please let me know whenever — be it through here or on plurk. I can be contacted at [plurk.com profile] diakurosawa, you're welcome to add or PP me whenever if you ever need or want anything. This game has been a treat, and so have all of you, so thank you for putting up with me!


Oct. 12th, 2017 09:33 am
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Who: Psi and Labor Crew
What: Change of Plans...
Where: The Dining Hall
When: Day 173, right after breakfast.

Doesn't matter who you are or what you are doing. After breakfast on day 173 Psi is hunting down members of his crew, using the radio if he has to. He's already been doing headcounts at breakfast every morning, visually checking up on everyone even if he can't ask them personally if they are alright. Headcounts mean shit to him right now, however. He's clearly stressed, has been for the past few days, but he's managed to not scream at anyone at least. That might be changing now.

"Listen to me." He says, nervously looking around to make sure no one is paying attention to them. "Evening radio check-ins are now mandatory. I don't care what you are doing, if I can't see you, I better be hearing your voice on the radio."
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[ Lambert's out of better ideas. With the Warden (probably) in the Prince's hands, even if it risks panicking his more easily riled colleagues, who will almost certainly notice Sans missing at breakfast ... he doesn't have a choice.

By the time this message comes on the radio, there's only about ten minutes until they have to be harried off to breakfast, and that's pushing it. Nonetheless, he's got to make an effort: ]

Hey. I need a second opinion on this outfit. Can you come by my room?

[ However, he won't be replying on the supervisor channel even if he's questioned. Take a hint, guys! ]

Oct. 12th, 2017 03:26 am
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Who: Hibiki, Moon, Dirk, Jake
Where: Red marks the spot!
When: Day 96
Open/Closed: Closed to team, open top-levels for all!

Don't let them eat the same deer they pet. )