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[Lost Carnival] IC Inbox

FREQUENCY: 891.39200
DESCRIPTION: Only answers his radio if he's not eating.

LOCATION: Mailbox by the Door
DESCRIPTION: He almost never actually looks in the mailbox. Shove messages under his door or get him on the radio.
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[Left hanging from the mailbox is... is that a fish? It's a fish bag. Well. That's one way to welcome someone into the Carnival.]

[Nestled in the depths is a playing card: the joker]
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[Checking in the mailbox will reveal a very small package, wrapped up carefully. Opening it reveals a pin, and under it a letter written in what is actually pretty tidy writing.]

Use this in case of emergencies. All you have to do is touch it and think of me really hard. It'll take you straight to the inside of my trailer, hopefully away from anything that's causing us trouble. It only works on the grounds of the carnival, so get very good at running back here and always keep in mind how to get back.

- Joker

[Look, he signed his name and everything, no playing card- HA HA NAH there is absolutely a joker playing card beneath the note. What the fuck, Joker]
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[Steven's been making seashell jewelry with the merfolk, and so naturally he's decided to share the wealth with his treasured friends. He'll either give it to you in person or via your mailbox. If in person, he'll pretty much just swim up to you and be like "Here! This is for you! I made it!" and if you get it in the mailbox it will have a note with it that basically says the same thing, plus a small doodle of a heart-shaped fish.

Steven has made Tamaki a seashell bracelet. It will be gifted sometime during the off week.]
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[ because things have progressed enough in the brainwashed thread that yeah, Tamaki would get an apology as well even though Strange...didn't really succeed in killing a ghost. Look, it's the thought that counts. PRETEND THAT TAMAKI GOT THIS RIGHT NEAR THE START OF SUMMERLANDS because time is flexible and backdating saves lives. ]

To Tamaki,

I confess this is a bit of an awkward letter to write as I never actually succeeded in doing any harm to you. Still, the intent was there, so I feel I must apologize for my actions nonetheless.

I'm glad to hear you're alive again, by the way. I can only imagine how truly bizarre that must have been.

Yours, Jonathan Strange
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The Trailer | Day 155

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[Guess who's got a bone to pick with you, Tamaki. It's Yuya.

Honestly Tamaki barely gets time to enter the trailer before Yuya springs up and points a finger dramatically.]
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Did you know what else the sock meant?!

[This is a lot of assumed context.]
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Yes. [He crosses his arms, his tone dropping to something sullen.] That's not what I meant when I said I wanted privacy.
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[Yuya huffs and puffs and--frankly doesn't calm down but he does lower the volume a bit.] I meant something like a private conversation! Personal stuff, not that!

[He's just embarrassed because he had to have his best friend explain it to him.]
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[Yuya grumbles. He's also starting to miss having his own room.] I'm not fussy. And I made a sign now. [He points to the hazard 'Keep Out' sign that's slumped on the bookshelf. It's very teenager.]
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I don't want them to. [Especially people like Yuzu, because if even Gongenzaka knew what it meant, what kind of nonsense would that have turned into.] I don't think that's the kind of thing you announce with a sock anyway.

[He's a celebrity child, but he still has a sense of privacy.]
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[Does he look like the guys from Portland, Tamaki.] Well, I'm not doing that anyway.

[At least he's diffusing.]
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[Yuya turns around as Tamaki walks right on by.] Of course! I don't want to walk in on anything you don't want me to see.

[Or that Yuya doesn't want to see, in all honesty.

All this commotion finally draws Koemi out of the bathroom. There's a splash, and then she plods wetly over the floor]